In an obscure corner of the world, the last heir to a hidden dynasty has emerged from hiding to challenge a tyrannical empire…

Banded together by necessity, a group of fugitives has escaped with the last heir to the Corin dynasty, the Princess Gia Corin. Together they have evaded The Tyrant’s sinister agents and mortal danger in the wild. Now they make their way toward the great city of Sira Zelaad with the hope of finding sympathy and support for her cause; restoring freedom to the oppressed kingdom of Kepala.

With her travels the rogue who has kept her hidden from the eyes of the Imperator for a decade, a scoundrel with a heart of gold named Rodrigo. They have been joined by Zerkanti Silvermane, a Drow assassin who seeks to discover the secrets of her people that remain a mystery to her, and Tala Ravenwood, a ranger whose mystical connection to the land has guided them safely into the wild. Luckily for them, her wits are as keen as the razor points on her arrows. A young paladin who has sworn to purge the evil that has sundered his life from the world, Brehon Veld also joins their gang. Finally, Sir Wallace Tilian, a notorious knight of the old kingdom has taken up their cause. As he seeks redemption from the infamy that has plunged him into shame and obscurity, he has brought a sense of wild confidence to the group, proving that there’s nothing quite so dangerous as a man with nothing to lose.

Together they confront adversaries of the natural world, and of the dark magic of the Tyrant in the hopes that young Gia can ascend to the throne and reclaim her rightful place on the bloody throne of her father. Is she destined to be the first of a new breed to bring harmony once again to the world? Or is she the last light of the old ways, soon to go dark forever?

The Tyrant of Kepala

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