The Slaver's Guild

Wide-sounding Zeus takes away half a man’s worth on the day when slavery comes upon him.
- Homer

The Slaver’s guild has operated in some form or another for hundreds of years, but only since the coming of The Tyrant have they been allowed to operate in the open, and indeed been able to trade publicly under the protection of the crown.

They began as a loosely affiliated group of bandits, raiding outposts on the fringes of civilization and taking into bondage people who were too weak to resist, and who would not be missed by the people at large. They would sell to the less scrupulous dominions and principalities beyond the Kepalan Kingdom who turned a blind eye to the suffering of innocents and do it for a weighty profit. More than once a disgraced general or a merchant shunned by society found life as a slaver.

Now in the days of Old Ash’s reign, the activities of slavers are actively supported, as it is a way for The Tyrant to discourage a potentially restless population from revolting. Sometimes the populations of entire villages have been enslaved due to the actions of a few of their number. The Tyrant knows that keeping the people wary of each other keeps them from organizing to resist. The fear of abduction, the pain of the whip, and the prospect of living in the hopelessness of slavery is the wicked tool of the Slaver’s Guild.

The Slaver's Guild

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