The Seven

“Did you think that you could oppose me? Death itself is no mystery to one such as I.”

Not much is known of The Seven, but what little is known fills those who hear it with dread. It has been whispered that they have power over life and death, and are controlled by The Tyrant as the executors of his will.

Locked behind the high walls of the Capitol’s keep, and only venturing out to dispatch severe punishments to those who defy The Tyrant, their vengeance swift, their Hollow Men acting without mercy.

They are second only to the Tyrant in authority, carrying the ability to command any army or the governor of any region or town. They are feared and respected as masters of the land.


The Names of the Seven:
Dal Emreden
Dal Askatzea
Dal Thamopol
Dal Sŭzdavane
Dal Dassui
Dal Dusha
Dal Jīvana

The Seven

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