The Hunter's Moon Massacre


The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon was always a time for joy and celebration, a time for people everywhere to eat, drink, and sing under a bright and enchanted night sky and reflect on all the bounties the summer had brought them. The Kings of Kepala had long made a tradition of making it one of their high feast days, inviting not only the nobility, but some of the common folk as well. As the custom had it, the Queen would travel to various villages and outposts with her retinue through the summer, and she would choose a family from each village and town to come to the King’s feast at the great hall. It was a high honor and always the talk of the land. More than once, common people had found their way into the nobility by a decent showing at the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon.

But on the most infamous night of the Hunter’s Moon, blood and death had visited the capital, and uprooted the good King Jory. The conqueror Verower Villalar Kotu came in force that night, invading the palace, and decapitating the long line of Kings that ruled with a wise and gentle hand over Kepala. His silent and merciless army of The Hollow Men battered down the doors of the city with ease, and a complacent populace was taken under the yolk of his tyranny.

Now people have come to fear the Hunter’s Moon, as a reminder of the Empty One’s rise to power. He sits on his stolen throne of blood and rules with an iron fist.

The Hunter's Moon Massacre

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