The Expulsion of Seriff Kotulo Bakalo

From The Histories of the Kepalan Kingdom by Ermine Baundalier

In the solitude of his chambers, Seriff Kotulo Bakalo heard and obeyed the voice that had revealed itself to him. First it came as a whisper in dreams, then a waking presence he could almost feel. Now he felt entwined in the grip of his new master, and his new master was showing him such sights. The curtain between life and death had been torn back for him and he embraced the knowledge and power beyond. What was once an unthinkable howling horror was now path to power over life and death itself. His new master cradled him, and Kotulo Bakalo felt his hunger and his power.

“But it was for the good of the kingdom!” Bakalo shouted defensively as Master Izar turned away from him in disgust.

“Have you no idea what you have done, young Seriff? This is forbidden! You have been courting a dark and evil power, and worse yet, this power has seduced you into thinking that you are doing right!” snapped Master Izar. He could barely look at the man who was once his brightest pupil.

“The sacrifices his majesty demands are small compared to the rewards he offers…”

ONLY King Jory deserves to be called by that title. Not your craven dark lord, nor any other pretender to power in Kepala! And you should count yourself luckiest in the kingdom that I do not report your misdeeds. You have no idea the wrath that could come down upon you,” Master Izar had fire in his eyes.

“All the dread lord asks is the child.”

The room fell silent as those words hung in the air. Only the child.

“You would offer the kingdom safety and security, and the cost would only be the lifeblood of one innocent child,” Master Izar seethed, barely containing his contempt.

“The Queen already has strong children plenty, what cares she for an unborn princess who will never even see the chance to carry on the dynasty?” Bakalo shouted. “Yes, one tiny child sacrificed, and my powers will be without limit!”

Izar could no longer contain his rage. Green fire sprouted from his hands as they reached to wrap around the neck of his former pupil. Bakalo backed away and instinctively shot bolts of pure energy from his fingers into the wildly swinging form of his former master. Izar gasped in shock. He scrambled to his feet and uttered an arcane chant. A moment later a gap had opened in the far side of the room, through which the yawning mouth of the night sky could be seen.

Just then, the door to Izar’s study burst open and two palace guards, longswords drawn rushed in.

“Guards! Arrest Seriff Bakalo! He has been hatching a plan to murder the Queen’s unborn daughter!” Master Izar shouted.

“You cannot stop me!” hysterically shouted Bakalo, “I will have my power!”

Before the guards could react, Bakalo twisted his wrists and dove out the study’s high window. The guards came to see what had become of him, and they saw a man in monastic robes floating down slowly to the ground.

When he touched down, he ran off toward the wild.

The Expulsion of Seriff Kotulo Bakalo

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