The Chronology

The timeline of events in the Kepalan Kingdom

Note: YHC = Year of His Coming (referred to under the breath of the people as YT – “Year of the Tyrant”). BHC = Before His Coming

85 BHCZerkanti Silvermane is born.

65 BHCPrince Jory Corin is born.

43 BHC – Young Jory Corrin is crowned King of Kepala.

32 BHCWallace Tilian is born.

20 BHCTala Ravenwood is born.

19 BHCRodrigo Sahasi Rath is born.

17 BHCBrehon Veld is born.

15 BHC The Expulsion of Seriff Kotulo Bakalo

14 BHCGia Corin is born.

2 BHC Dirk Dunn disappears from Harn’s End.

2 BHC The Liberation of Sira Zelaad and Narcis the Brave (House Vask and the Liberation of Sira Zelaad)

0 YT – The Hunter’s Moon Massacre. The autumn night of the festival when blood and horror marched upon the beloved House of Corin. King Jory, and most of the nobility and royalty are brutally slaughtered.

1 YT – The last sighting of Silarrezkanto the Stormbringer by anyone in Kepala. He is seen flying west over Marea Calda.

3 YT – The Destruction of the Esperanzan Monastery.

5 YT – The first reports of the Esperanzan Pirates emerge.

7 YT – Fiddle and Fat trading company emerges.

10 YT – Our Story begins…

10.1 YT – Gia Corin is discovered alive and living in secret in the village of Arrain. Captured and awaiting a confrontation from The Tyrant’s inquisitor Dal Emreden, she escapes from the village jail with five accomplices. Evading the Tyrant’s foot soldiers, the group makes their way into the mountains northeast of Arrain.

The Chronology

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