Notable Geographical Locations

Places of note in the world…

Arrain – a fishing village.

The Deep – the great western sea.

Fel’s Hope – A village at the crossing of the shepherd’s road and the Trine river. A notorious waypoint known for its hospitality, gambling, and sporting competition.

Graybay – a hard-bitten town at the nexus of a river and a main road. They have stirred the sentiment of rebellion.

Harn’s End – a small town on the edge of the frontier.

Ironfall – a ruined keep. Probably haunted and full of monsters. Nobody should go there.

Marea Rece – the northern gulf

Marea Calda – the southern gulf

Par Tilian – a trading outpost at the edge of the waste, near The Spur.

Lake Tilian – a great inland freshwater lake.

Sira Kepala – the Capital.

Sira Zelaad – a major walled city on the other side of the wastes, a major trading hub

The Spur – a rocky promontory on the edge of a great plain.

Strata Vask – a great waste at the eastern edge of the known world.

Strata Treva – the great plain. Southeast of the Capitol and south of Marea Rece.

Orain-Zer – a land rumored to exist beyond The Deep, far to the west of Kepala.

Notable Geographical Locations

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