The Tyrant of Kepala

The Tyrant of Kepala Book II: The Cold Price of Freedom

Chapter Two: The Crownbreakers

The Heroes of Sira Zelaad have ventured north in a mission to rescue the well meaning, but ill-fated Delilah Dunn, younger sister of Dirk Dunn. In a bold move, Delilah had stolen Dirk’s one-time costume and taken up the mantle of “Rodrigo the Rogue” in an attempt to fill her brother’s now famous shoes, pursuing a band of slavers into the wilderness. Dirk, Gia, Tala, and Zerkanti have been joined by new friends and allies from the battle for Sira Zelaad – Branskall Stor’pik, the orcish chieftain instrumental in breaking the siege, and Scrambletrousers Batalanto, a lowly gnome librarian-turned-warrior, piloting his Titan battle golem, The Death Dealer.

Though Delilah was rescued unharmed, the pursuit of her would-be captors led to the discovery of an unaligned group of merciless warriors, cutting a bloody swath through the slaver camp. Though the slavers were capable and competent fighters, they offered almost no resistance to the relentless assault of these mysterious cavaliers. They wear the crest of a broken crown on their breastplates, and after their victory were heard howling the cry, “No Kings! No Laws! Strength is Freedom!”

Before they could be approached, the unknown horsemen turned north and swiftly began pursuing the caravans of slaves that had been transported from the scene before their arrival. Their departure was marked by the sudden appearance, and just as sudden disappearance, of a strange, wandering old man. Though he seemed harmless and kind, all who looked upon him saw the weight of a thousand years of pain etched into his face, and when he spoke, it chilled the bones of those who heard him. On vanishing, the old stranger left the adventurers with a chilling feeling in their guts that they had somehow, somewhere seen him before.

Now, left alone in the aftermath of the slaver camp, the band of comrades in arms scours the deserted battlefield for clues…



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