Wodan Veld (Killed at Brehon Veld's Wedding)

A large old warrior of powerful build and a confident jib.


Hailing from a humble farm outside of Arrain, Wotan Veld was instrumental in the breaking of the great siege of Sira Zelaad, and paved the way for the great free city’s induction into the Kepallan Kingdom. He challenged Stral’d Thratch, the hobgoblin commander, and singlehandedly defeated him, cleaving his body in two. Unfortunately the foul hobgoblin’s final attack on the old hero rendered him crippled for the rest of his days.

After the battle, the great old commander retired to his farm in the hopes of one day passing on his legendary sword Windsong, and his title to his son, Brehon. Unfortunately, after an ill fated incident at the wedding of young Brehon, Wotan was struck down by a cowardly enforcer of the Tyrant’s will, and Windsong disappeared.

Wodan Veld (Killed at Brehon Veld's Wedding)

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