Verower Villalar Kotu

The Tyrant. It's all his fault.


He is known by many names, most of which are whispered in alehouses and trading posts around the kingdom – The Conqueror, The Eastern Blight, Old Ash, The Empty One… but the High Lord Verower Villalar Kotu is most often referred to, simply as The Tyrant.

He came from the east at the head of an unstoppable wave of his Hollow Men, and escorted by his inner circle, The Seven. Passing by every town, village, and natural obstacle in their way, they overwhelmed the battlements of Sira Kepala, the Capitol, battering down the doors of its keep, and once inside, slaying King Jory and the royal Corin family in the great hall with no mercy. Once the capitol was under control, he sent his emissaries, recruited from the most lowly and craven of the kingdom’s collaborators and enforced by the terrible hand of The Seven, to all corners of Kepalia to bring them to heel.

With reluctance and sadness, the townships and cities submitted one by one to The Tyrant’s will. The screams of those who resisted still echo in the ears of the oppressed citizens of the Kepalian Kingdom, the memories of their burning flesh hanging in the acrid air. Dark days have fallen.

Now, he sits behind the walls of the capitol’s keep, his plans unknown to all but The Seven. The people of the kingdom wish and hope for the old ways to be restored, for their torment to end.

But who could challenge The Tyrant?

Verower Villalar Kotu

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