Izar Harea

A sage to point them to the stars that will guide them.


Izar Harea was once the most learned and powerful wizard in the service of King Jory Corin. They were young men together in the old kingdom, and had more than a few adventures as a young prince and his magical companion, often in the company of a certain brash young warrior from the provinces.

As the Jory ascended to the throne, Izar was always by his side, advising the king on how best to rule with a benevolent hand. He began, at the behest of the king an academy to seek out and train the best and brightest minds in the land in the ways of magic, that his dynasty would always be remembered as one that brought an age of peace and wonder to Kepala.

Sadly, Izar’s greatest triumph was also his greatest failure. Of all the Serrifs that he trained to inherit his title, Kotulo Bakalo was by far the brightest. He had a fire in his eyes that saw the invisible strains of magic that permeated the world and sought to weave them together. He quickly passed up all of his classmates and was soon teaching by Master Izar’s side. But the allure of power is often a maw that cannot be sated.

When Bakalo fell under the sway of a dark master beyond the sight of Kepala, his lust for power overtook everything in him. He no longer cared for the order, he no longer cared for the Corin family or his compatriots. He only cared for power, even at the expense of the life of an unborn child that his dark lord demanded he sacrifice to bolster his strength.

With a heavy heart, Izar knew that he needed to confront his protege and put a stop to this madness. When confronted, Bakalo fled, disappearing into the wastes in the east, never to be heard from again.

The confession to King Jory broke Master Izar’s spirits. He told him everything of his failure, including the sacrifice that Bakalo desired of his unborn daughter. Uncharacteristically, Jory flew into a rage over this news. He unleashed a torrent of shame and grief upon Master Izar of which no one had ever seen the like. By the end of the day, Izar had broken his staff and set off into the mountains on the north coast.

There in his seclusion, he came upon an old hermitage of star gazers from a former age. Their observatory, and their machinery was perfectly preserved against the ravages of time. Here, I can see how to right it all. Here, I can see the way back, he thought.

Sadly, his removal from the world of men gave him a position to sit and watch helplessly as The Empty One came to destroy all. His power had waned and he had only to sit helplessly and see their destiny foretold in the stars. And so he waited for a glimmer of hope to arise. He sits even now awaiting the Little Star that will light the way to tomorrow…

Izar Harea

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