Rexus Novo

Rexus is a man with connections, and will do what he must to get ahead.


A former associate of Rodrigo’s, Rexus was a man who was used to running scams and getting away with it more often than not. When meeting Rodrigo and his companions at Fel’s Hope, he invited the rogue to take part in a high-stakes game of Kings and Devils, and use his particular talents at games of chance to fix the game. Both men went away with a large amount of winnings.

The following morning, The Tyrant’s forces came to town, posting “Wanted” signs of Rodrigo and his associates all over town. Given the enormous reward offered for the fugitives, Rexus sold out his friend to Kotu’s men. It was only through a daring confrontation with the captains of the guard and the Hollow Men that Rodrigo and his party was able to escape.

During the fighting, Rexus dashed away, evading the wrath of his former friend. He now lives in fear of the Imperator’s men, as well as the wrath of the former friend he betrayed.

Rexus Novo

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