Quinneth Vask

The privileged and spoiled heir to the Vask name and fortune.


From The Histories of the Kepalan Kingdom by Ermine Baundalier

Upon Verower Villalar Kotu’s rise, many men of opportunistic instinct saw a way to use the upheaval for selfish gain. Duke Vask wasted narry a fleeting second maneuvering to kiss the feet of their new overlord. He was given land, title, wealth, and even access to the newest commodity now flowing again through the Kepalan trade routes – slaves. And riding right on the coat tails of his success was his spoiled only son, Quinneth.

A harsh, mean, and tempermental man-boy, young Quinneth is the type to rip the wings from faeries for his amusement, kill animals for the fun of it, and have his way with women whether they want him or not. The sight of him would be met with dismissive mockery, were it not for the retinue of Hollow Men and hired thugs that followed him around to back up his crude and cruel behavior.

Lately on his forays into the Tyrant’s Kingdom for blood and treasure to enhance his own wealth, he has been seen brandishing a weapon that hums with a magical energy and fills all who draw his gaze with a cold fear.

Quinneth Vask

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