King Jory (Killed in The Hunter's Moon Massacre)

The Beloved Murdered King, the last of the Corin Dynasty.


From The Monarchs of Kepala, Part the Fifth by Ermine Baundalier

King Jory Corin was the most beloved monarch that Kepala had ever known. In his youth he was a charismatic prince that carried out philanthropic missions of housing and feeding the war orphans of the south of the kingdom who were victims of the perpetual hobgoblin incursions. He later went on to embark upon helming a great series of public works to improve the lives of his subjects including road building, creating a network of inns along his highways to safely shelter weary travelers, and vastly improving the kingdom’s fleet of merchant ships bringing far-away luxuries to the citizens of Kepala.

When he was crowned king at the age of 22, his reign was hailed as a new golden age for the people of Kepala. Trade flourished, and the people of both the cities and the countryside enjoyed an unprecedented level of prosperity.

Trouble came in his fifth year as king when an army of invading hobgoblins came up from the south to threaten caravans along the great roads of Kepala. He assembled an army of free men, and confronted the hobgoblin army on the great plains north of The Spur. There he broke the inhuman army and scattered them to the winds.

He returned home and quickly set about furthering his dynasty, and with the Queen Aurora produced four children in quick succession; young Prince Simon, and the princesses Karina, Jessica, and Gia. All the children were hailed as great blessings to the kingdom, as they were sure to further King Jory’s benevolent reign.

Twenty eight years into his reign, the dark magic of necromancy had taken hold in various cults throughout the kingdom, and had even seduced members of his own retainers of house wizards. He aggressively purged them from the kingdom, starting with the one under his own roof. Although this was not a protracted fight, this dark magic would prove to later flourish into the worst threat Kepala had ever seen.

In his thirtieth year as king, the greatest test of his leadership came to pass. Another, much larger hobgoblin horde rose to surround the free city of Sira Zelaad, the city-state on the eastern edge of the Kepalan Kingdom, and the gateway to The Wastes. He knew that if these monsters were able to isolate and subjugate a neighbor of theirs, it would not be long before they were of a strength to threaten Kepala itself. He raised another army of free men, and with the help of his ironclad commanders Duke Vask and Wodan Veld, he broke the siege of Sira Zelaad and liberated the free city. That night he shared drinks with the Zelaadi council, and convinced them to join the Kepalan kingdom as their strong anchorage to the East. The people of Kepala and Zelaad celebrated as the new union was formed.

All was well for many years.

Until the dark night when the Tyrant came.

He came out of the east, circumventing all other townships and even roads and went in a straight line to the palace of Sira Kepala. On the night of the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon, The Empty One struck at the heart of the Kepalan kingdom. in a single stroke, the bloody usurper murdered The Queen, King Jory and all of their children. The Corin dynasty lay in a pool of blood on the floor of the festival hall, never again to shine their benevolent light on Kepala again. The dark reign of The Tyrant had fallen.

King Jory (Killed in The Hunter's Moon Massacre)

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