Duke Narcis Vask

One time hero, now collaborator of The Tyrant.


Duke Narcis Vask was from a noble house from the trading coasts, and rumored to be descended from the one-time masters of the once rich fruitful plane of Strata Vask, now the westernmost edge of The Wastes. Though his house was always a well moneyed and famous one, he rose to true notoriety when he commanded the doomed left column of King Jory’s army of free men at The Liberation of Sira Zelaad. The humiliation of the destruction of his cavalry regiment was a slight not easily lived down, and he expressed constant jealous disdain toward the other heroes of the battle, particularly Wotan Veld, the hero of the battle.

In the years following the battle, he took to blaming all others possible for his failure to attain glory and the favor of the King in battle, and would often reportedly visit his feelings of inadaquacy upon his only son, the infamous Quinneth Vask. He sought above all else the validation that he was the most powerful, skilled, and intelligent man in any room he occupied, and over time surrounded himself with sycophants and toadies that reinforced this fantasy for him.

Taking a tragedy as an opportunity for the acquisition of power, he bent the knee when The Tyrant rose to power.

Duke Narcis Vask

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